March of Death

by Autobomb

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Debut album from Autobomb.


released October 14, 2005

Guitars and Synths: Cyrus Ghahremani
Vocals and Synths: Tony Montemarano
Lead Guitar: David Price
Bass Guitar: Andy Paul
Drums: Brian Rumsey

Produced by Autobomb and Tim Iler. All songs written by Cyrus Ghahremani and performed by Autobomb, except for the secret track, "Black November", written and performed by David Price and Brian Rumsey.

Band members' average age at the time of recording was 17.

EP was released at a special Hurricane Katrina benefit at Soma San Diego. Guttermouth and Andrew WK also performed.

Recorded at Signature Sound studios in San Diego, CA.






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Track Name: March of Death
the march of death will keep you alive
stay in line or you will die
it comes, it leads, and
we must follow because we have no choice

the march of death will keep you alive
stay in line or you will die
it comes, it leads, and so suddenly
because we have no choice

peel those lids from your eyes
make you realize that death is no surprise
extract the soul from the cavity

rise into the sky, a new life
seep through the earth, a new death

in line, we stay
i love to take away
your illusion, your soul
your whores, your ghosts,
in mirrors we seek to see the other side
Track Name: Silence
all tied up, i left you in the dark
with nothing to say, i left this harp for you to play
the silk across your lips, the needle dips inside
for every syllable, tighter still, your words denied

struggle the restraints, try and fight your way through
your words now flirt with silence
angst and fear's what makes them brew
plotting out a plan to try and bring me down
well no one hears your words my dear
all your fears will now come true

threw your lies at the shapes in the sky
i see the devil in your eyes

golden silence i've given you
your vocal noise is sustained in hell

lights flash across the sky
the needle dips inside
and i resort to stitch your eyes shut

a tingling flash of pain
now you can see again
but everything is dark, cause sight is no longer yours

you'll wish you had your way,
to clear this darken lie
memories return, yeah now you see the light

that which you took from me
i give you back in sin
the darkest call, and i will end it all
Track Name: Spiral Eyes
my eyes dilate, and open up
can't you relate? i'm killing you
divided, peeling off all your skin
i'm not gonna believe in all your lies

monsters circling my head
(with not wings but moving words instead)
every thought shot down in shame
they needn't be slain, but drug induced
(paralyzed and reduced)
sealing away what they'd love to say
Track Name: The Fall
it revolves in me, stream of conscious technique
what's left to feel or breathe
when even my shadow is afraid of me

find another way to gain some piece of mind
not just standing here, always left behind
to find another way, leave it all behind
i am still right here, always in my mind

the waves have slowed to whispers
and dreams are but a dream
and i am deaf and broken
and i am caught between
the burden of ambition
and trauma unforseen

oh god, let this be my path
show me what this means
show me what this means
i'm dying, what's it-